This is my last post, and I have a picture of what I did during genius hour. It took a long time for this hairstyle to be perfect.
I did basic curls as well, which was way easier than the low bun. I want to continue. hairstyling when I get older as a side job.
Because it's something I love doing. I think I am definitely going to learn more and more hairstyles. Whether it's the easy hairstyles or the hard ones. I am going to practice until I get it right. I want to open a makeup and hair business. I want to take a makeup and hair coarse when I get older , but I also want to study for something else as well.
Throughout my genius hour project I have found watching YouTube videos and looking at different hair studios very helpful. There are a couple of studios in particular that i really get inspired by. the first makeup and hair studio that is my number one studio is Pink Orchid . The second one is Opus Makeup and Hair . Followed by hair studios I also like to watch YouTube videos on hairstyle tutorials
   My next step is to start with simple hair designs like curling the hair so I will have the basic techniques on doing more complicated designs.Once I get the hang of doing basic curls I will then start to construct different up-dos and work my way from there.

   For my genius hour project I have decided to do Hairstyles.When it comes to doing hair, makeup and fashion I take the easy route out. I don't put a lot of effort in doing my hair and usually just do the normal pony tail. It maybe because Iw don't have time everyday to work on my hair and straighten or curl it like every other girl because most of my day is occupied by soccer. However my cousins always nag me to leave my hair down or curl it or generally just do something different with it, rather than putting up in a pony tail. So I want to prove them wrong and show them that I have  the potential in me to do something different and to show them my creative side.

   I would like to do 4 different and creative hairstyles and will do the hairstyles on my cousins. Lately I  have been really inspired by a makeup studio called Pink Orchid and love looking at there pictures of different hairstyles that they do on brides and other clients.For this project I will look at pictures and watch YouTube videos on different hairstyles and will try to accomplish them. I am really looking forward to doing this project! 
What I think about "Do Schools Kill Creativity" I think that the teachers should not tell the students about the answers at the back of the textbook.I think this because the students will probably look at the back without doing the work.I also disagree with them how they want students to learn the way they did long ago.Also about how they want to seperate smart students with non smart students,and by age. What I suggest is that teachers should teach students equally not based on how smart one is.This is what I think about How schools kill creativity.
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Hi, I'm Manisha, and I'am a athletic girl I love to play soccer. I have a younger brother.I would love to travel to Los Angeles, New York, and around Europe. I love to go shopping. My favorite store is Forever 21. I love to learn Math. My favorite soccer player is Lionel Messi. I love to Bake cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more.I want to become a maternity nurse after highschool.Byeeee!